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Standard Manufacturing S333 SML Thunderstruck 22 Win Mag WMR

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Thunder struck Just in Stock!!! The New S333 Thunderstruck. In stock ready to ship.


The S333 Thunderstruck™ is incredibly reliable because it functions as a Double Action Revolver. These Revolvers are far more superior to any other automatic pistol which are rendered useless when they jam or misfire. Additionally, the two shots per pull, with four pulls of the trigger, makes the S333 Thunderstruck™ the most redundant and reliable personal protection firearm when your life is on the line.

The S333 Thunderstruck™ also features an articulated safety integral into the trigger and requires a deliberate and full pull of the trigger before the transfer bar will clear from the firing pins and hammers. The resulting S333 Thunderstruck™ is the safest personal protection firearm available.

Our patented design of the S333  Thunderstruck™ is the most compact and concealable firearm imaginable of its type. The small size allows it to be carried in your pocket or purse and can be easily retrieved when needed.

The ergonomic design of the S333 Thunderstruck™ features a comfortable polymer grip, intuitive controls, and no clumsy safety. This makes the S333 Volleyfire™ the ideal choice in personal protection when your life depends on it.

Categories: Revolvers, Gun Deals
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Standard Manufacturing
Model: S333 Thunderstruck
Caliber: 22 Magnum (WMR)
SKU: 854581007015
MPN: S333
UPC: 854581007015
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (4)
By David Finlay on 04/14/22

Odd revolver and that’s what drew me to it. Quality piece and cool double barrel 22 magnum!!

By John B on 01/29/21
Fast shipping

Product was as expected and of good quality.

By Fatboy1111 on 01/13/21

Great Gun for close range protection, not gonna shoot long distances, not made for that, 8 shots in 3 seconds, I'll take it!

By Bob Loblaw on 06/12/20
I don't recommend this gun

When new out of the box the chambers were filthy. Ammo didn't load or unload easily. Once cleaned, it's ok. It doesn't like Winchester ammo. I had repeated failures to fire. CCI ammo works. This gun hits 4-3/4" high at 15 feet, 6" high at 20 ft. I sent it back to the factory. They said it works as designed. They've had it for eight days. No idea when I'll get it back. In summary, I'm not a satisfied customer.

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