9x19 mm Parabellum Pistol Cartridges


  • Case Model: 9 X 19
  • Bullet Type: FMJ 124 GR
  • Case Material: Brass 
  • Primer: 4.4 Boxer Primer 
  • Powder: Spherical Smokeless Powder 
  • Velocity 1200 FPS
  • Packing: 500 RDS


BPS Balıkesir Explosives Industry and Trade Inc. (BPS A.S.) was established in 2014 by Mehmet Akif Yavaşca and Müşteba Yavaşca in order to produce the high quality small arms’ ammunition in Turkey. In the year 2015, Sarsilmaz Ammunition Inc. of the Sarsilmaz Group, which is an estimable small arms producer in Turkey and Europe, joined in the BPS A.S. as a partner and increased its power. The company operates in Yenikoy/Balikesir, with its own production and storage facilities on a closed area of 5,000 m2 on 273,000 m2 of land, completely covering the legal safety distance limits.


In 2016, the production of shotgun cartridges started with the processing of quality raw materials by experienced personnel in modern machines with the principle of continuous development. In 2017, 9 mm blank cartridges and in 2019, 9x19 mm parabellum pistol cartridges production has started. BPS A.S. currently loads 46 types of cartridges for small arms and expands its product range every year. Continuous investments are made in order to produce high quality and reliable products by listening to customers' requests and feedbacks.


All products are tested before being sent on the market. BPS A.S. has ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificat. The quality of the products are ensured by C.I.P. Certificate.

           MADE IN TURKEY


Please read this carefully, especially if you live in the following states: CA, CT, DC, MA, MD, IL, AK, HI, NY, NJ. This contains important information regarding documents we need to ship your order, and how you can send them to us. Depending on your location we may not be able to ship ammo directly to you, or at all.

CALIFORNIA: Must go to an FFL.

CONNECTICUT: We need copies of both your driver's license and carry permit.

DC: Must go to an FFL.

MASSACHUSETTS: We need a copy of your LTC.

MARYLAND: To ship ammo to Maryland you must provide proof (such as a state issued ID) that you are age 21 or older.

ILLINOIS: We need copies of both your FOID and driver's license. Depending on your ZIP code we may be unable to ship ammo to you at all. Please see the text underneath any of our ammo listings for a list of IL ZIP codes we cannot ship to.

ALASKA AND HAWAII: No ammo shipments to AK and HI. No exceptions.

NEW YORK: In most parts of the state we may ship ammo directly to you, in others it must go to an FFL. Please see the text underneath the description of any of our ammo listings for a list of NY ZIP codes where shipment of ammo to an FFL is required.

NEW JERSEY: We need a copy of your FID for pistol ammo. Rifle and shotgun ammo does not require this.

Send all required information to info@twobirdsoutdoors.com. Please put your name AND your order number in the email subject line.

  • ATTENTION: Federal and/or state and local laws may allow persons who are 21 years of age or older to purchase this product. However because of shipping regulations, only persons 21 and older may sign for this and similar products. For safety reasons, we do not accept returns on ammunition. Always make sure you use the correct ammunition for your specific firearm. Check your local laws for any other regulations before ordering.

Shipping Restrictions

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This item CANNOT be shipped to the following States or Zip codes:

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
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  • California
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Condition: New
Manufacturer: BPST
Model: BPS9MM-124-500
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Number of Rounds: 500
Vendor: Two Birds Outdoors
Reviews (12)
By Torqueu on 10/18/21
Great experience

To be honest, had one little problem. Order was lost in transit. Contacted company with quick courteous response. Great company to work with. Problem resolved, good product, back out to the range!!!!!
Definitely will be back. Give them a 6 out of 5 stars. Yes, not a typo. Thanks for everything.

By Al on 10/11/21

Great, quick customer service & shipping!

By Ray R on 10/11/21

Very good ammo. I shot close to 1000 rounds and only had 2 misfire. No jams. Very dependable and great for the price. Would purchase again.

By HUNTER3 on 10/06/21


By Dan on 10/06/21
Excellent price and fast service.

I was extremely happy with the price. And the service. Please notify me with upcoming specials and sales.

By Dave on 10/05/21
Much quicker shipping than I thought... good price

The ammo came very quickly once ordered and the price was good compared to what is out there.

By Ammo at a descent price. Considering the times. on 10/05/21
Ordered this ammo it was unknown to me.

I never fired this ammo before. But the description and price were the best around. I go 500 rounds. Fast shipping. I received it a few days later. The packing was a bit loose and 3 boxes broke apart. There were loose loose 9mm bullets but i managed to tape the broken boxes and rebox the loose ammo. This ammo is very nice. They are plated with a gold colored metal. The quality looks good. I am planning to hit the range this week and try it out. Yes. I am happy.

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By Blueknight2206 on 09/30/21
Fast and efficient service


By Bill on 09/29/21
Good Ammo

Good Ammo, a couple of duds in 500. I put them through the gun again and they fired the second time? So?

By MC on 09/28/21
easy to order, delivery was fast and accurate

Have not shot rounds yet but look fine

By Edgar on 09/28/21
Excellent and quick shipping. Highly recommended

Good ammo and great price.

By Mlawrence on 09/28/21
High quality priced right ammo.

Have not fired yet but Turkish ammo is generally high quality brass cased NATO grade as this appears to be. Note it is not NATO velocity (plus p) as far as I can tell.

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